Are these items the official merchandise of 5 Seconds of Summer?

Yes. We are the official merchandiser for these artists. All designs have been approved by them and their team.



What is your shipping time?

We usually ship orders in 2-5 business days, but sometimes there's a delay due to items being on presale or backorder. We will always try to make that clear in the product's description.

I didn't get an order confirmation email but the money was charged from my account. What gives?

Please check your spam folder. If it's not there, feel free to contact us. We can check that for you. Sometimes the transaction fails and the charge is only pending on the account. In which case, the charge will drop in a few days.

Will I get tracking?

Yes, we will send you an email with the tracking information once your order is packed and labeled. 

The tracking is not working. What should I do?

Please give the tracking takes 24-48 hours to activate. Let us know if it's not working after that.

It's been weeks since my order shipped and it's still not here. Where is my order?

We are sorry for any delays that may occur while the package is in transit. Shipping to countries in Europe should take less than two weeks, and it can take up to eight weeks for all other countries. Let us know if it is taking longer than that, and we will try to start an investigation with the postal courier.

The package is in the destination country but the tracking has not updated since?

It can take a few weeks for customs agencies and postal couriers to process all of the packages that come through them. After a few weeks have passed, please try contacting your local post office to see if they have any further details on the shipment's status.

Tracking shows that the package is delivered but it's not here?

Sometimes postal couriers will mark packages as delivered prematurely. Please give it a few days and try checking with your local post office in case they are holding it.

How come my order looks different than what I see others have online?

We strive to keep all of our products consistent, but sometimes we have to use a different garment or manufacturer. This means that the color, weight, and materials of the products can change. 

Also, any product that is custom made or tie-dyed often has to be hand-dyed. In those cases, every item will be unique.


My order arrived wrong! What can be done about this?

We are very sorry for any mistakes that we make. After all, we are still human. Please contact us and we will do our best to get that fixed for you.

What if I am not satisfied with the quality of the item I received? 

We strive to provide items with the highest quality to our customers. Please contact us. Our representative will work with you to get the issue resolved. You may be asked to send in a photo and return the item. Please understand that we will not accept items that have been washed or worn. 

Note: All items are manufactured to look as close as possible to the mock image displayed in the store. Any distress in the shirt or print visible in the mock will be on the final product. 

What if one of the items is out of stock? 

We will typically have items restocked within a few weeks. There are times, though, where an item will not be restocked because it was a limited run item or to make room for new products. 

What if I received my order, but it’s incomplete? 

If you received your order and it’s missing items, please contact us. You must notify us of any problems with your order within 5 businesses days of the date of delivery.

I have emailed Wallflower but have not received a response. Is anyone there? 

Due to the high volume of emails we receive, we may not be able to respond to every email immediately. Please be patient. We will contact you as soon as possible and do our best to resolve any issues with your order.